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Benefits of exercising with resistance bands


    Benefits of exercising with resistance bands

    Apr 26,2019
    Small footprint and cheap equipment:
    The floor space is really small, basically you can stand where you can train.  At home, in the office, outside, you can exercise anytime, anywhere.

    Progressive training:
    It can adjust the training intensity for different levels of athletes. In the field of rehabilitation physiotherapy, it can also gradually increase as the patient's recovery improves and the strength increases. Thereby providing positive feedback to the user.

    The force always confronts:
    In the conventional "lifting iron" training, usually the trainer will unconsciously exert force and use a short inertia to help complete a set of training (but such "lazy" often cannot achieve sufficient training intensity stimulation).

    however, Training with a resistance band, because the resistance band has a tendency to retract all the time, you can't "throw" the elastic band. No matter how fast you move, you can't avoid the resistance band giving you a gradual increase in resistance as you move (although you will continue to stretch it). 

    Therefore, unlike the conventional "lifting iron" training, the resistance band will never leave your body during the exercise to leave you with even a short "lazy" opportunity.

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